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Fun in the woods // Donnelly River Village to Pemberton // Manjimup Photographer

Sunday adventures...

My friend Sophie and I are both photography buffs, so we got together and spent the day exploring a few of our favourite spots around our home town of Manjimup Western Australia.

We started at Donnelly River Village where we got up close and personal with some Kangaroos and Emus and explored the beautiful old structures in amongst the Karri Trees and smokey haze of roaring chimneys. We ate some pumpkin scones (thanks Judith) and set off on our way to Pemberton.

First stop was the Big Brook Arboretum.

Man, this place is ridiculous.

In all of its winter glory, I could not get enough of the trees and green everything!

And the smell, ah the pine trees after a downpour of rain, need I say more. If you're ever down this way, this place is a must. We ended our day with a glass of wine at Big Brook Dam, which is never anything short of spectacular.

Here are a few of my snaps... Enjoy.

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