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Lottie & Grace and their Great Grandparents (Trease) // Manjimup // Family Photographer

On a cold winter morning I drove down a bumpy gravel road to a gorgeous old farmhouse where I met Lottie, who is turning one & her older sister Grace, their mum Natasha, and her grandparents. We spent the morning walking around the property, looking for chooks, patting the ponies, playing on tractors and talking about all the things that excite a 3 year old. Both girls were happy, excited and a breeze to photograph.

When I first arrived, the girls were finishing their breaky, so Bill, Natasha's grandfather mentioned that he also enjoyed photography, and so the conversation started and out came an old Folding Kodak camera from the 1890s. I love the treasures and stories that older people bring to the table, and this camera was cool. This morning was super precious and the reason why I love photography.

Enjoy xx

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