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Chantelle + Nathan // Wedding // Yallingup

Yallingup, a quirky and rustic beach house, flower crowns, smoke bombs, the kind of bride who wears blue converses under her dress, ceremony in an open cave, Injidup beach... feeling excited yet? ME TOO!

The build up to this day was a combination of continual messaging between Chantelle and I getting excited about every little idea, and copious amounts of stalking Chantelle on pinterest. Everything sounded like it was going to be perfect, and it was the creative inspiration I was craving.

I hadn't met Chantelle in person prior to the wedding and as I drove up to the rustic 3 story house, there she was sitting on the roof with rollers in her hair and a glass of something alcohol in her hand, biggest grin on her face and waving at me like we had met numerous times before. I knew straight away that it was going to be an epic day, and everything that I had pictured.

But imagine my reaction when a vintage sapphire ring was brought out - YAS.

My favourite moment of the day was when Nathan shed a little tear while Chantelle read her vows (I shed a tear too). It gets better.... the AWESOME celebrant let them sneak in a little kiss (aw!)

I also found out on the day that one of the reasons why Chantelle chose me as her photographer is because apparently I can "make a picture of pegs on a clothes line look good" - so in the spirit of this I have included a little surprise in here for you...

Enjoy xx

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