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The Drakes // Manjimup

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty thrilled when Rebecca invited me to her home to photograph her family, which had recently become a family of 5 with the addition of baby Joss. What a dreamboat...

I had been waiting for another family to come along who was willing to have me photograph them in their own home, without any manipulation and posing for the camera. I love being able to capture real images which tell a story - slices of life so to speak!

Kelly and Ella were absolute magic to photograph, two very different and wonderful personalities. I could ramble on for ages but I think I will let the photos do the talking here.

This session ended up being an extended family one, with the addition of some gingerbread 'house' making.

I left this session feeling very inspired and excited for things to come. Can't wait to do more of these sessions ;)

So here are the Drakes. Enjoy xx

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